A woman’s Right to Choose

The topic sounding women’s right to abortion have been a controversial topic both legally and socially. The right to women to choose and control her body really shouldn’t be debated topic. Nonetheless, this has been an ongoing debate that on state and federal level that doesn’t seem to have a solution. The circumstances on which a woman can terminate a pregnancy and the financial aspects have been pretty much on the front and the center of this debate.
Women’s right to abortion have been addressed in the Supreme Court. However, on this topic, the Court’s main focus have been on women’s right to privacy and liberty claim with limitation. Considering how crucial abortion rights are to women, the right to privacy is the only way that has shaped abortion laws in American rather than a woman’s right to make a decision that she feels is best.
Given that the constitution does not explicitly guarantee any right to privacy, the privacy right broadness makes it easy to overturn. Roe v Wade was a court ruling that set precedent for abortion right. In its decision, the Court ruled that it was women’s right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy on basis of privacy rights which are reflected in the Bill of Rights. Moreover, Fourteenth Amendment requires that the federal government protect the liberty and the privacy of women from state interference. The decision in Roe acknowledge the fundamental right to privacy for a woman to terminate a pregnancy. At the same time, the court held that the constitutional right to abortion did not convey a corresponding entitlement to federal dollars for that abortion which not really fair to the women who can’t afford to get an abortion.
The court needs to establish decisions that protect women’s right especially their right to choose. Given that  the constitutional is silence on the privacy rights, the Roe decision has been challenged and more limitation has been added to the original ruling to restrict women’s right to abortion. Yes, women and everyone are entitled to privacy right. However, the Court and lawmakers need to leave the decision to terminate a pregnancy to a woman and that woman alone.


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