Blog Audit

The blogging process had been much easier this time around. Having done this last semester, I found that I was able to fall into the routine easily. However, this time it is different subject matter from last semester and I must say it is also much more interesting. When I started writing on the topic of minority and the justice system, I had a vision of what each week’s blog topic would be. However, this has been much more difficult to achieve because I don’t want to fall way off from class-related material. Even so, I think I have managed to be consistent and to stay on the topic.

Race relations have been and continue to be a complicated issue in America. Looking back at my blog and the research I have done, I realized just how broad this topic is. I think this is one the mistakes that I have made. I approached this topic as a Black and White issue when in fact there are other minority groups that are negatively affected by the justice system. Another challenge that I faced is trying to incorporate class material and the issues that we talked about in my blog. Moreover, it has also been challenging to find recent Supreme Court cases that dealt with these issues.

The class subject on “civil liberties” has given me freedom to kind of explore different ideas. The core of civil liberties is that they are laws established for the good of the community. This is especially in regards to certain freedom such speech, religion, action etc… These freedoms can be broad and flexible depending on how one perceives them or interprets them. The infringement on freedoms identified in the Bill of Rights, the constitution or as interpreted by the Court have not been the focus of my blogs. However, in the next couple weeks, I want to be able to incorporate and focus on that as it relates to class material. I think this will give me a better understanding the material.

It has been a learning, although disturbing experience blogging about race and the justice system. Although enjoyable, it’s been heartbreaking learning the unfairness of the justice system and the treatment of minority groups. Race relations have much improved, but I can’t help to think that minority groups always get the short end of the stick especially in the legal system. This, in fact, does infringe on their freedoms such as their right to vote and speech.


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